About Ashia

Ashia means hope and life. We are a mental health organisation built to create a movement for a more humanistic and empathetic society. It is conceptualised and led by teenagers, for teenagers and supported by professionals.

 Ashia aims to rediscover empathy and redefine what it means to be an EMPATH. 

At Ashia, you can find a team of genuine empaths, all of those who possess above average empathy. We propagate empathy as a religion. We want to provide you with content that’ll always make you smile. There is always something in store for literature lovers, those looking for humor, music and art lovers, bookworms and optimistic enthusiasts! So connect, relate and build that empathy. 

"In a world fighting for spotlights, we want to be your shooting stars."

Our Mission

We aim to propagate empathy with following overall goals:

  • Advocacy and support for mental health amongst teenagers across all socioeconomic classes 

  • De-stigmatising mental health through empathy

  • Facilitating acceptance through empathy

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Our Vision

We envision to build a world that epitomizes empathy and gives equal importance to mental health as it does to physical health. We want professional help to not be privilege but a human right.

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