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At Ashia we have an assortment of departments and groups. Join Team Ashia to be an empath now! 

Literary Arts Department

Ashia's Literary Arts Department is a safe space for mental health enthusiasts and as we like to call them, empaths, to take their small steps in trying to help others. Writing volunteers have the freedom to express and create content that inspires others to believe in kindness, understand the sole causes of mental health issues and healthy ways to deal with them. Every write-up ever put out is an effort made by these volunteers to help our society grow.


Fine Arts Department:


Art- The Art Department at Ashia embraces art for advocacy and never fails to let the capture the audience with their creativity. If you have crazy ideas, this is the department to be in!


Performing Arts Department:


The Dance Department at Ashia deals with articulating the grandeur of dance in advocating for mental health and empathy .Dancing boosters your physical and mental health by improving your posture, flexibility, uplifting moods,feeling bright, fresh and optimistic as ever! If you are passionate about dance, this is for you.

Music-The Music Department at Ashia is the kind of haven where you can give expression to all those emotions. Simply put, this department is whatever you want it to be, the kind of place that feels like home to every instrumentalist or singer. So come on over, drop by, stay a while - we’d love to have you visit. 

Public Relations+ Events Department:
We, as a department focus on helping Ashia reach a wider audience that creates a larger, more diverse impact. For us, communication is key and all our volunteers strive to help Ashia create an empathetic community for all through various social media platforms. 
If you think you are a good multitasker and are great at handling events and understanding what the audience looks for in terms of content, we want you. 

Creative Space:

A NO HEAD policy in our Creative Space groups allows free flow of ideas, creativity and execution. This department primarily focuses on building short videos for advocacy. Creative space is an interface between advocacy and creativity.


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