• Ashia

Meet Inferiority Complex

Feeling inferior from time to time is human nature, the key is how you respond to it. When such feelings of inferiority seem to take over your life and consistently hold you back personally and professionally, you can say that I have entered your life. Hi, I'm the inferiority complex and here's a day in my host's life.

Usually when I'm living with someone, I make them:

• shut down out of shame, guilt or embarrassment

• seek attention and validation from others

• avoid any type of competition where their efforts might be compared with others

• extremely sensitive to both compliments and criticisms

How am I created?

I am born as a result of bullying, or if you are constantly being reminded of your limitations. I am usually a culmination of physical, mental or even emotional abuse

Since my development can lead to mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression, it is very important to seek help

• Psychotherapy is a great place to start when you are looking to get rid of me

• It can also be helpful to try meditation and journaling, as both can help you begin to understand what some of your thought patterns around your self-image have been

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